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Studies & Advice


The Consulting and Studies activity:

– Multimedia service provision: script writing, animation, web design, creation of visual worlds, youth illustration

– Event communication and tourist promotion on historical themes (organization of events, festivals,
educational itineraries of site discoveries)

– studies and advice in economic development on NICTs and knowledge industries (publishing, digital fund valuation, learning activities)

– example: a mission of valuation study of
the heritage of the Poitou-Charentes region made in collaboration with the Espace Mend├Ęs France and the University Paris IX – Dauphine DESS of Management
of Technology and Innovation was realized
in 2004



The Behavioral Learning Engine (R & D) team is made up of six people:
– a project manager
– a scriptwriter
– two integrators
– two partners: the CNRS laboratory
“Cognition and Usage” and the CNRS LRI laboratory

Do you want to broadcast an educational video game? Thank you for contacting us:
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