There is no use holding onto things that doesn’t belong to you anymore, get rid of it and move on. We all know that it isn’t easy moving on especially when you least expect it to happen, but give justice to yourself, stop crying and get a life.  It would be unfair on your part when you see him happy with his new life; because you deserve to be as happy as he is. Don’t let the situation pull you down, or let it looks like as if you still have the hangover from that bitter break up. It’s not easy we all know that, but you have to stand and try picking up all the broken pieces and create a new beginning.

If you thought you have done your best in forgetting your ex and thought you have already moved on, Think twice, and maybe there’s a little left needed to be erased.

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Not sure if you have moved on? Here are few of the signs to verify

  • When you don’t feel anything when you happened to pass by your favorite spot
  • Don’t let the past ruin your fieldtrip, you should be enjoying it not crying it.
  • If you don’t think of him/her anymore; Not a single moment of the day.
  • You have moved on when you don’t think of him/her at any point of the day even when your favorite song just played without you remembering.
  • When you just laugh at everything that happened to you and your relationship with him/her.
  • You have moved on if you don’t follow or stalk him on any social media he is involved, not even his new love interest’s profile
  • You have forgotten every little thing that reminds you of him/her, feels like you are a new person that everything is a first time.
  • You won’t cry every time you watch a movie you both have watched a long time ago.
  • When you don’t get emotional while eating your favorite food, you could freely eat anything without getting all sober.
  • When you don’t poke him/her on Facebook, because when you do, then you are a certified stalker.
  • When you don’t expect any call from him/her anymore.
  • When you don’t celebrate any of your romantic dates anymore, when your calendar doesn’t have any red marks of your special dates.
  • When seeing him near you and don’t give a feeling of anger or guilt; the world is too small, if seeing him doesn’t give any emotions it means you have moved on.
  • When you don’t talk about your break up to others and feel as if it just happened yesterday.
  • You have move on when you already have a new love life, and you are happy with your current relationship.
  • You have move on when you forgive him/her with the things that cause you broken hearted, and considered the past relationship as a learning experience.

These are few of the things that would prove that you have passed the agony of moving on. Everything has its own place and time because moving on doesn’t make you a lesser person nor imply that you are weak; it only shows that you love yourself more despite the situation, but always remember that everyone deserves a second shot at love; so if you’re ready to do so – then love again.